Frenzcard Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy & Use of Information

FrenzCard™ programme is designed to respect members' privacy and has policies in place with respect to using data collected from members.

On registration or use of a FrenzCard™ card each member agrees that the information they have provided can be used for the delivery and improvement of the services relating to the FrenzCard™ programme and can be used by Loyalty Services Limited and the Participating Retailer which issued your FrenzCard™ (and such other Participating Retailers as chosen by each member) for marketing and promotion purpose.

With regard to email communication the Manager, FrenzCard™ and the Participating Retailer will offer easy opt-out options as stated in the Direct Marketing Code of Practice and Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007.

Members are entitled to request (in writing) any personal details held on file in accordance with the Privacy Act (1993).

The Manager, FrenzCard™ or the Participating Retailer will never sell or pass on a member's information to any other company, business or other organization (unless required to by law).

The system may also collect non-personalised information on any website visits. This information includes internet service provider, the time and length of visits, the pages looked at on the websites, and the method by which the site is visited. This information is used only to measure site activity, market research and to develop ideas for improving the websites and loyalty programmes in question.

For further information on your rights under the Privacy Act 1993, you may contact the Privacy Commissioner at